Upcoming Live Shows:

April 6            VIVO Media Art, Vancouver                                  with ERAS & Guests

April 11           Kava Lounge, San Diego                                         with ERAS & Guests

April 13           Vertexx, LA                                                                with ERAS & Guests

April 14           Net Net, Tijuana                                                       with ERAS & Guests

April 20          The Copper Owl, Victoria                                       with ERAS & Guests

April 21           Sunset Terrace, Vancouver                                     with ERAS and Stefan Maier


May 24            The Copper Owl, Victoria                                        with Kellarissa & Psychic Pollution

May 25            The Biltmore, Vancouver                                         with Kellarissa & Magnetic Ring

May 26            Milkcrate Records, Kelowna                                    with Kellarissa & Guests

May 27            Metal Church, Winlaw                                               with Kellarissa & OK Vancouver OK

May 28            Tubby Dog, Calgary                                                    with Kellarissa & Hello Moth

May 29            The Sewing Machine Factory, Edmonton              with Kellarissa & Guests

May 30            T&A, Regina                                                                 with Kellarissa & LOA

May 31            Paved, Saskatoon                                                         with Kellarissa & Ursa

June 1              The Handsome Daughter, Winnipeg                      with Kellarissa & Ghost Twin

June 10            HOLO, Queens                                                            with Kayla Guthrey & Guests

June 11            Machines with Magnets, Providence                      with Vak Matino & House of Red

June 14            Lilypad, Boston                                                           with Lex Russo & Guests

June 15            Psychic City, Montreal                                               with Petra Glynt & Guests

June 16            TBD, Toronto                                                              with Patrick Cruz & Bile Sister

June 17            TBD, London  ON                                                        with Guests

June 22            Gus’ Pub, Halifax                                                        with Guests